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Our Mission: Revolutionize the health and fitness industry. We aim to be the highlight of your day! With us, you’ll receive more than just workouts; you'll get straightforward advice on nutrition, an empowering community, and resources that make a difference in your journey. 


Together, we’re more than just coaches; we’re your cheerleaders, your mentors, and your ultimate support system. Let's revolutionize health and fitness together!



We believe that every day is a new opportunity to revolutionize not just your body, but your mind and spirit too. Our mission extends beyond the physical. We are here to cultivate a community where everyone supports each other, sharing tips, achievements, and even the fun day-to-day stories.

Nathan A. 

“I struggled a lot with consistency and nutrition and kind of just what I should do in the gym. This program helped to give me that consistency and a really good baseline on how to eat to be successful not only short term but also how to compromise and still be healthy."

Yalandra T. 

"I was struggling with getting motivated to get started on my health journey and this program gave me that push I needed to realize I wanted to be healthy again. I would recommend this program because the support Sandy gives is great."

Paige C. 

“I was struggling with nutrition and taking the time to workout but after the program I have definitely found a better solution. Would definitely recommend”


Simplified Nutrition

With all the fad and gimmick diets out there, the easiest way to get on track with nutrition without having to sacrifice your life is to follow a pre-approved food list with the right serving sizes. We will help you simplify your nutrition plan.

Fitness & Activity

Our workouts are based on based on science and designed to burn calories, burn fat, and tone muscle. Members burn 500 - 1,000 calories per session. Bonus: The RSC Effect will keep you burning calories up to 36 hours post-workout. 


Do you know the difference between those that are successful and those that are not successful? Strategy vs Execution. This is where Revolution Strength & Conditioning comes in. We love helping our members remain stay track and rise above their circumstances! 

Member Benefits

Our gym membership features a less-intimidating, highly motivational personal trainers, energetic music, and great people, which combine for the best workout of your life. Smaller class sizes enable our personal trainers and coaches to offer more instruction and attention than other gym memberships and make sure you’re getting the results that you’re working toward.

Expert Personal Trainers 

The trainers and coaches at REV are highly sought after and have accredited certifications, so there will be no doubt you are working with highly trained, educated professionals who keep you safe while you progress in your fitness journey at your own pace.

The REV Approach

REV uses a Three-Pillar Approach consisting of Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability to guarantee success for all of our clients. You’ll often hear these referred to as our “Pillars of Success.” In combination with your personalized fitness and nutrition program, you’ll receive coaching from fitness professionals who keep you motivated and hold you accountable. Local REV members have the option to attend in facility sessions within their membership plan.

Member Transformations


Works Full Time 

"I never thought I could ever lose this amount of weight. It has positively impacted every aspect of my life, from my finances to my work production."


Full Time Musician 

"I never felt comfortable on my own. I needed support & my coach was real and set real expectation. Then I crushed them"



“I was just done with the excuses. I said it's my schedule, it's my genetics.
Once I cut the crap and made the commitment, my life changed. I thank my coaches for helping me lose those stubborn 20lbs”


Electrical Engineer

“I wasted so much money on fad diets, pills, at home dads... what I needed all along was accountability and a coach who actually cared.”

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Do You Believe You Are Worth Being Happy? 

Become a part of the Tribe today!

To begin your fitness journey at REV speak with a client specialist.


9299 W. Olive Ave Suite 808 

Peoria, Az 85345



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